3 Key Copy Blocks That Need 2 Be 420Written (3-13-2014)

3 Key Copy Blocks That Need 2 Be 420Written (3-13-2014)

These 3 copy blocks are for the ***Critically/Important*** Blog Titled:


History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)



History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

The Idea for an Internet Woodstock was 420Hatched from my 4th “BUNKER Apartment” on April 9, 2012.

By 420Hatched, I mean I was Stoned At the Time I thought of it.

By “BUNKER Apartment”, I mean I had fixed the place up such that the Door Could Not Be Opened Even If You Had A Key!

What I did in each of the Four Bunker Apartments that I had was different.

In this case it involved using the bed and other furniture in a line from the wall opposite the door all the way to the door—>

Physically blocking it from opening.

It also Involved My Screwing 2 Strong Hooks into the Door Frame on both sides, and using a 5/8 inch round steel bar with collars on it.

I sure needed these Bunker Apartments of mine.

The Last Three Times I had set things up this way had ALL Clearly And Repeatedly Saved My Life.

The Mafia had been trying for a few years at this point (28 months 2 Be Exact) because—>

I was an Alternative Medical Discoverer that Essentially Found The Cure To Everything Under The Sun, and—>

This Posed A Real Problem 4 Big Pharma.

I knew “my blank spots” were filled in by others, such as Royal Raymond Rife and Robert (Bob) Beck.

I knew that “what I knew”, when Coupled with the Knowledge Of Others, would Crush the Pharmaceutical Industry and Big Food Worldwide.

And I knew that “I could demonstrate this “PROFOUNDLY EFFECTIVELY On YOUTUBE”–>

If I was Adequately Supported, and I Lived Long Enough 2 Get the Chance.

On April 9, 2012 I had been frustrated for years in regard to Getting the Truth Out.

Every computer I had used since June 2006 had been hacked and disrupted substantially.

I also Knew the In Regard to My Alternative Medical Discoveries, “We the American Public Were In A Race 2 Learn the TRUTH ABOUT SUPPLEMENTS, before our Supplement Access Was Shut Down by the Federal Government.

race blog here

I was whacked with Poison Gas in Phoenix AZ for three days out of four Beginning on April 1st, April Fools Day.

On either the 9th of April 2012, or a matter of days before this (it sometimes takes me a little time to “think about things I read before I write about them”)—>

I had read an Article about a 2 Billion Dollar U.S. Federal Government Internet Security Center that was being built in Utah.

This Article Greatly Disturbed Me.

For I knew what it meant.

It meant this—>

(alarm blog from july4threv)

The Blog Above, Written on April 9, 2012, Is—>

A Historical WordPress Blog that IS—>

A MUST READ For EVERY Single AMERICAN Citizen that Is Over 12 Years Old and Can Read.

It is a MUST READ Because What It Says Is Even MORE GERMANE TODAY than the Day It Was Written.

The Above Blog Suggests that our Federal Government Is Building–>

A 1984 like “Ministry Of Truth” in Order 2 Be Able To Censor and Control All Internet Traffic.

[This Suggestion has become a Fact, it seems.  The U.S. Government clearly began deleting and/or corrupting my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s beginning on December 17, 2012.  They are still doing such today.]

Well, I got stoned that April 9th.

I was living Voluntarily Closed Off From the World (I did 18 month total of this) with only a Computer and the Internet to Relate to Hamanity With.

What else was there to 2 but get stoned, get silly, and “Feel 420 Good” to help deal with—>

The loneliness and the frustration of what I had been going though for years now.

I knew that The Truth in Regard to Alternative Medicine and the Discoveries that I had made–>

Would Never Get Out to the American Public if the U.S. Government had their say.

In essence, “the Federal Government in America is Partners with Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Oil too”–>

To hell with the people, it is Monied Corporations which Count the MOST whenever it is Reelection Time in Washington, D.C.

Going back to my story of April 9, 2012—>

When I was stoned that April 9th, I thought back to the Original Woodstock in 1969.

I thought “What if we had another Woodstock, and Used the Power of the Internet to Get the Truth Out”.

I probably had another hit and thought “Jees, that Woodstock Idea Using the Internet 2 is a Real Good Idea!”, so—>

I WordPress blogged about it.

(link to blog here)

I knew in April 2012 that “We the American Public” were in a Race 2 Get the TRUTH OUT—>

In Regard to Alternative Medical Discovery and Free Energy Discovery before—>

The Federal Government has Gained the Ability to Suppress Such Truths Forever by “Filtering Them out of the Internet”.

And I thought it was a Good Idea to Hold an Internet Woodstock that—>

Mixed Famous Musicians with Various Speakers of Suppressed Truths, especially me—>

A man that had miraculously survived so many hit attempts.

Incidentally, I also wrote this Insightful Blog a few days before the Phoenix Murder Attempt—>

Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me link here.

I have written thousands of blogs over the years.

The blog above, titled “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me” tells more “about my heart”—>

Than any other WordPress blog that I have written to date.

Good Ideas such as this “Internet Woodstock Idea” tend to Gather Support from Other People.

It was on April 9th that my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team was born.

Some People started helping me over the Internet With WordPress in an anonymous fashion on April 9, 2012.

I had no clue who they were, but they were helping me.

They “could do helpful things on the WordPress blog that I was writing on on my laptop”.

I finally got some real help from some of my Fellow Americans!


I could not believe it.

So I worked almost 20 hours a day for 3 weeks straight “to see what happened”.

For the entire three weeks, Somebody was helping me from afar with WordPress whenever I was online!


My WordPress Website Development Team!

I had a Team!

Even if I did not know these people by name, they were “my beloved team”.

Then another man joined us that April, and he told me his name–>

An Expert In WordPress Coding and WordPress Security named Mark Jaquith of CoveredWebServices.com—>

A True American Hero if there ever was one.

Remember, I had been under ongoing murder attempts by the Mafia.

All of my Team Members Knew About the Mafia and Me when they Stood By My Side Via the Internet.

That is Heroism, to Stand Up Against the Mob for another human being.

That is No Shit.

Going back to the 1st Internet Woodstock (sorry I am rambling from topic to topic)—>

Good Ideas Also Continue to Gather Support And Mature Over Time.

That is what has happened here, it seems.

GOOGLE Started Helping Us, or so it seemed, back in DEC 2012, if not a month or more before.

We were getting Search Results Out of Google in December 2012 that—>

“Were Clearly Not Just Algorithm Generated.”

“These Results were thought out by a human being that worked for Google.”


Then GOOGLE TOOK A 51% Slice of the Venture Capital Pie for the 1st INTERNET Woodstock on FEB/8/14!!! via—>

An Intuitive Collaborative Venture Capital Deal Made One Night Between Myself and Google Over The Internet.

On February 8th 2014, Google and I became “1st Internet Woodstock Business Partners”, and Not Just Friends.

Google and I split things 51/49, me getting 49.

I reassigned these Shares As Best As I Was Able To, Given the Limited Information that I had.

All Four Members of our WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team get (hopefully)—>

Two shares (out of an Assumed 100 Share iROCK4iFREEDOM Pie), and—>

I get three shares instead of two, if people wish to be generous.

In Regard to the portion of the Venture Capital Pie that I received, I reassigned—>

All but the 8 or 9 Share Slice Reflected in the Above Material to People that I Respect, Love And Trust–>

Matt and Rose and all of the Other Good Folks at Automattic, the Company Underlying WordPress.

link goes here

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)



History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

Adult WARNING-> I’d skip this next section of you don’t smoke pot or like racy adult material, or if U R 2 young.

(You Must Be 18 to Read Any Further! Adult420 material is below.)

SmokeMasterAllenD &


History Beckons Us All (3-12-2014)


Maria Marihuana on YouTube (search 4 her) is a 420 Sweetie Pie! whew! she’s 420hot! i like takin’ a peek at something cool that Maria has put on on YouTube every day! she 420motivates me! i’d love to get real stoned and naked with her! i might not last long tho’. she’s hot!
Maria makes me think of my 2 lesbian 420Sub girls sitting there, getting High At MY COMMAND!, and—>

Getting Spanked and Slaving Away 420/Submissively on WordPress All Damn Night and Damn Day 4 Me!

It so turns out that lots of people like being spanked! and that “GETTING SPANKED Is A REAL GOOD THING!!! as far as one’s happiness goes!”

That’s how things Should Be! Swat! Swat! Bend Over with your ass 2 me, put that bong in your mouth and light it, while i spank U and make U smoke more and more and more 4 me! That’s how it’s gotta be! Swat! Swat!! Swat!!! Do u understand ME Slave? YES, SmokeMASTERAllenD! i Will Smoke All that U Tell Me 2 Smoke SmokeMASTERAllenD! i will obey your Smoking Orders at all times SmokeMASTER/D! i promise U Master/D! i beg U to Make Me Smoke MORE 4 U MasterD!

we’re just gonna add smoking 2 spanking—> and—>


sometimes i’m gonna spank my two sweetie WordPress helpers until they are—>

Super stoned 4 me! So Stoned they can hardly walk straight and need to lean on the walls! lol


Wow! a 6 foot long bong! what a great way 2 start my blogging day! i love watching this cute black girl with the real nice tits!!! take a giant 6 ft. long bong hit! and i love how it affects her! i’m gonna make my two lesbian 420subs get a bong like this! and use it when “they get ready 2 go to work 4 me”! they might not be worth a damn 4 the first few hours tho’–> ’cause they’ll be MUCH TOO Silly and Much 2 STONED! I LIKE 2 Keep My WordPress Lesbian Helpers Good and Stoned and Real 420Submissive 2 Me! things go better that way! and boy! can those 2 work REAL HARD WHEN THEY R STONED! i sometimes work ‘em all night and all the damn day! i am proud that “they keep up with me” and–> i am proud of “the heroism they exhibited to help me” and–> i am proud of “all the Good DOGPress Work that they Do 4 Me” 2! AllenDs420Angels 4 sure! i can’t wait till we meet!


It is time for us to quit talking about Stoner Stuff and to move on to some Important Things, like the 1st Internet Woodstock and REVOLUTION!!!

Bruce Springsteen is da Man! (I can’t See iROCK4iFREEDOM/2014 without Bruce Springsteen as the Headliner! he sure is my #1 choice!)

Like Bruce sings (and dances!) in the above–> “U Can’t Start a Fire Without A Spark!”–>

I am proud 2 report that my heroic WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team and GOOGLE are that Spark!

We Became “that Spark” when GOOGLE and I entered into an Intuitive Business Agreement based on Trust over the Internet on FEB/8/14 Granting GOOGLE 51% of the 1st Internet Woodstock Concert Event pie.

Not only did we Partner Up With Google, We Expect “Others” In Silicon Valley and elsewhere 2 MAKE THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock happen as a Result of a Venture Capital Effort!

These “Others” are highly likely to Include the Founders of the Original Woodstock!!!

And Amazingly but True, these “Others” may include the American Mafia as well.

We “think” we are going to call this 1st Internet Woodstock to be held this Summer Around both America and the World >>>iROCK4iFREEDOM/2014<<</2014!

What’s this about a Spark?

Spark 4 What?

We are a Spark 4 a NECESSARY and Justifiable Revolution here in the United States, that’s what!

It is Worthy to Note here that our Federal Government Watched Over the Internet (via their monitoring of it)—>

The Feds Watched My Epic Battle with the American Mafia between JAN/6/10 Until OCTOBER 2012 as they—>

Tried to kill me over and over and over again, while I defended myself—>

With bars, hooks, screws, screwdrivers, electric drills, 2 by 4’s, 4 by 4’s, hand held air boat horns, duct tape, Some Handyman Skills and—>

My “Genius of Sorts” Brain–>

Along with Some Logic, Deduction, WordPress, Facebook, the Internet, and a little Common Sense.

Did the U.S. Government Offer to Help Me when they became Aware that the Mafia was repeatedly trying to kill me?

No, because as A Man Openly Calling for a Justifiable Revolution in America, and—>

As An Alternative Medical Discoverer of how to Use Nutritional Supplements to Profoundly Control Or Cure DEPRESSION, ADHD, PTSD–>

Sleep Problems, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Heroin Addiction, Meth addiction, Crack Addiction, etc. –>

My Knowledge ABOUT HOW TO HEAL WITHOUT USING ANY DRUGS Threatens the Government Too.

Now, As a Prolific Blogger writing for Dozens of PATRIOT AND REVOLUTION Websites that is—>

Getting better blogging skills-wise over time—>

“The Feds SORELY want me dead too”.

As a Single Person, due to my Alternative Medical Discoveries—>

I threaten the Loss of More Power, Prestige, and Money than ANY other person in human history.

No One is Even Close.

The Odds of Me lasting this long were one in a million, that’s no shit.

The Mafia knows this as well as I do.

That is Why We Respect Each Other at this point in time.



God has to be in this Picture somehow!

It’s a Miracle I am Still Alive!

And Now We Are On the Verge Of the 1st Internet Woodstock put on by the likes of GOOGLE!


That’s No Lie!


I am getting on an Amtrak train in Utica NY on March 18th. My goal in doing so is to go to California 2 Be Close 2 my heroic San Francisco WordPress and GOOGLE and Silicon Valley Friends!!!

The U.S. Government Would Not Stand A Chance Of Remaining In Power If The 1st Internet Woodstock Is Held (3-7-2014)


Although few in America may be Aware of the Extent of It Or The Nearness of Massive Change, the Internet Is GOING 2 CHANGE Almost Everything, as far as much human activity goes.

The Fact that Google has become Aware of, and is Apparently Supportive Of, Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Efforts To Uncover Longstanding Federal Government Suppression of Truth on Multiple Fronts—>

And the Fact that GOOGLE IS APPARENTLY GOING TO Take a 51% Stake In And SUPPORT OUR WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s “Truth Suppression Revealing” Internet Woodstock Idea (or here)—>

Represents “History In The Making”.

Let’s Hope the Smart People in Silicon Valley and Elsewhere Are “Smart Enough” 2 Win this War 4 the Truth 2 Finally Reach the Light of Day!, especially in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression and the Suppression of Truth in Regard to 9/11.

Assuming Google and Silicon Valley does put on a “Truth Suppression Revealing” Internet Woodstock Concert Event in America (which really means Worldwide given the Power of the Internet), and—>

And assuming Silicon Valley Plans and Implements Actions Wisely, and—>

Further assuming that the U.S. Government Does Not Shut Down the Free and Open Internet prior to, or soon after, the 1st Internet Woodstock occurring, the U.S. Government Would NOT BE Very Likely to Remain in Power.

IMHO, The U.S. Government would not Stand A Chance of remaining in Power if the 1st Internet Woodstock is held.

IMHO, Google and the Rest of Silicon Valley would be taking over the Management of America within a matter of months of the 1st Internet Woodstock is held.

Handled Right, this could conceivably be a bloodless Revolution, one that occurs “without firing a single shot”.

The Above is Especially True If I am there, and—>

If I can get Silicon Valley and the American Mafia to sit down with each other well prior to the 1st Internet Woodstock, such that we have time “to work thinks out”.

My Own Personal and True Story of Alternative Medical Suppression In Regard to My Finding A REAL NATURAL Cure for Depression, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and a Wide Range of Addictions, Etc. ALONE has the Power to Topple the United States Government (and “they know it”).

If the 1st Internet Woodstock outsmarts Government Subterfuge and Is Successfully Put On, Many Governments Worldwide “Would Soon Fall 2 One Truth or Another” (or Many of Them in Combination perhaps).

Although Many Very Powerful Persons, Corporations and Governments (to include the U.S. Government) Would Like 2 Continue 2 Suppress A Number Of Important Discoveries in (1) the Alternative Medicine and (2) Energy Invention Arenas, and Some of these Powerful Persons Would Also Like To (3) Suppress 9/11 Truth as well, my money is on—>

The Smart People in the Upper Echelon of Silicon Valley Management to “Win this War 4 the Truth” on All Three Fronts specified in the Above.

The Future of America (and therefore the World) Rests on Silicon Valley’s Shoulders.

Second to Silicon Valley is the American Mafia in the Above Regards.

The Two of these Parties sure ought to Get Together this April to see “if they can work things out between them” for the Betterment of America. 

That Is The Plain and Simple Truth.

Silicon Valley in Aggregate Represents One Of the Most Powerful Institutions on Earth.

Quite arguably, Silicon Valley in Aggregate Represents “The Most Powerful Institution” on Earth.

However, Sometimes even a Powerful Institution  like Silicon Valley “needs a little help”.

My hardworking WordPress Collaborative Team Pledges to Help Google and WordPress and Others in Silicon Valley with this 1st Internet Woodstock Venture as best as we can Until—>

Opening Day or Opening Night!

After this, we might Party 2 Much and—>

May need 2 Take a Little Break.

Allen D


The Silicon Valley 8 Think Tank Should Be Meeting On A Daily/Or/Every/Other/Day/Basis For A Half Hour TO 45 MINUTES At This Point In Time (3-7-2014)

The Silicon Valley 8 Think Tank Should Be Meeting On A Daily/Or/Every/Other/Day/Basis For A Half Hour TO 45 MINUTES At This Point In Time (3-7-2014)

Older Title Version: A Silicon Valley Think Tank Should Be Meeting On A Daily/Or/Every/Other/Day/Basis For A Half Hour TO 45 MINUTES At This Point In Time (3-7-2014)


I can’t do much Sharing, I hope People R Helping Me With This.


An Important Note: In this Case, 8 is a Flexible Number.

Up to a Dozen at the Table might be needed here.

I like to go up “in Increments of Four – as in Core Team of 4”, Given the Complexity of the Task at Hand.

Eight is an ideal number and works most of the time.

But Twelve Heads might be needed, or perhaps Even 16 or 20, or 24, given the Complexity of What We Are Dealing With Here.


What I am going to do here is—>

Pretend I am the BOSS and Run the 1st Think Tank Meeting, the One Right After GOOGLE Joined Up with my Team 2 do iROCK—>

And then I am going to keep pretending, and Run Some More Think Tank Meetings As Well.

Quite Obviously, I am going to be Saying Things that You Smart Folks Already Know About, or Know Even More About than Me.

However, Once in a While I Will Sprinkle In a Few Good Ideas here and there.

All that you have to do is Take the Time To—>

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff.


We Are About to Harness the Power of the Collective Human Mind Over the Internet via (Google, Facebook, etc. names coming) and WordPress!


more coming



This blog is under Amendment beginning on 3/6.

I have moved a copy of what is below to this website in order to work on it.

The Material below came from this link—>



Dear Fellow Americans and Fellow Humanity Everywhere:

Please Allow Me 2 Introduce Myself, and 2 Introduce Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

My name is Allen Darman.

I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69—>

Suppressed Alternative Medical Discoverer that is miraculously still alive!


I Am A Vulgar Truth Soldier for God.  

Fuck ‘em if they finally succeed in killing me.

Although “longevity has it’s place”, as Martin Luther King once said—> I am proud to serve my Fellow Americans in this way! if need be

I’m supposed to have been dead and gone

Many times since January 2010.

Now, With the Help of My Heroic

WordPress Collaborative Internet Team,

I have become “the Original Idea Man”, a Minority Shareholder (2% or 3% split between my two sons and I), and an Integral Part of the 1st Internet Woodstock put on by the likes of GOOGLE and Other Silicon Valley Players sometime in 2014!!! 

I am a real Happy Camper 4 Sure!

There Are Many Times When I Feel Like—>


That’s No Lie!

Puff Puff Pass 2 U!

High! How Are You Today?

I am also the Leader and Sole Author For A  Patriot Movement Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

We are pumping out WordPress WebsitesWordPress Web Pages, and Germane Revolutionary WordPress Blogs as fast as we can—>

Together We Aspire (TEAM)

In Developing Many Patriot Movement Websites, There Are Four Of Us (and perhaps more or even many more) Working Together As A Team. I do the copy writing and blog generation, and my Team helps me in an Intuitive Fashion “from their end” to Professionally Present The Blogs I Write, And To Organize Things. (Incidentally, Organization is No Small Task Given the Thousands Of Blogs and the 69 Websites We Are Juggling With At The Moment.) My Team Also Helps Me To Edit, and Redirects My Focus In Regard 2 “What 2 Work On” by “Various Hints of Different Sorts”. This Intuitive Collaborative Methodology Seems 2 Work Quite Well Over The Internet. It is upon this methodology that the Blog You Are Reading Was Created. Simply the Fact that When I Go Online to Write a WordPress Blog or Develop A WordPress Website, I know that there is someone one the Other End With Me In Real Time that is An Expert With WordPress is enormously helpful to me. Lately My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has been doing a ton of work on their end, preparing every single Web Page of MANY of our Websites for an Upgrade (which requires some work from me). I Could Not Appreciate My Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Any More Than I Do Now.

As a WordPress Website Development Team, We Are Rather Quickly DEVELOPING 21 Different PATRIOT WEBSITES For the Patriot Movement Educational Material In An Effort To Help the brewing Justifiable Revolution here in the United State.  See Here—>

21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America

Sweet Sixteen Websites (all one word) dot com Web Page> http://sweetsixteenwebsites.com/21-revolution-educational-websites-for-the-patriot-movement-in-america/

We Are Also DEVELOPING THESE SAME 21 Different PATRIOT WEBSITES To Help the brewing Justifiable RevolutionWorldwide as well!!!  

My other names on the Internet are NutrientsCureAllen D,SmokeMasterAllenD, and ADOGG, a recent new nickname of mine.

The picture below shows my eldest son Willy at about seventeen and a half years old after >>>he applied a wide range of Nutritional and Natural Supplements to himself<<< for three and a half years (beginning when he was almost fourteen years old), and he used a few simple lessons (that his father taught him verbally) and a little of his own Common Sense.

What My Son Willy Did Between August of 2004 and February of 2008 Exposed the Enormous Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine!, if the Truth Ever Became Known! No More ADHD! No More Bipolar Disorder! and No More Weak and Sickly Childhood Health!

The Picture below shows my eldest son Willy’s Health at the hands of conventional medicine.
This Picture represents my son Willy at about ten and a half years of age, after being on Ritalin for about four years for an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms. At this point in his life Willy was not very happy, and he had both Seriously Compromised Mental and Physical Health.

Essentially I taught Willy verbally ***the Basic Facts that He Needed To Know***
In Order to Become ***An Effective Doctor of Himself***, and
***I also gave Willy the Supplement Tools*** that he needed to do so.
Willy did the rest!

Puff Puff Pass if you still do!!! (I DO!)

Puff Puff Pass! Have a hit with me over the net in video!… it’s Fun! lol
See this link 4 A Great Example!!!!!>>>getting freaky with maria marihuana :)

Jimi Hendrix on stage! Woodstock ’69        Jimi Hendrix 420 chillin’

For All My female 420Friends—>

Puff Puff Pass! Have a big hit with me! And One More! And Even One More!

About Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

A WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has been “Collaborating Intuitively With Each Other Using WordPress” over the Internet since April 2012.

“Collaborating Intuitively With Each Other Using WordPress” means that although a number of people are working together using WordPress to achieve the same ends (an Internet Woodstock or one here… and a Justifiable Revolution In America) and Worldwide as well, we are not in direct contact with each other in any way (such as email, messaging, phone, or talking face to face).

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.59 PM #3

One member of this WordPress Collaborative Team is Allen Darman (pictured above), the Sole Author, an Alternative Medical Discoverer and Co-Discoverer of Many *Major*, *if not Hugely Significant* Alternative Medical Discoveries, and the man behind the rather massive Alternative Medicine (and more) WordPress Website of close to 3,000 blogs called NutrientsCure.WordPress.com (now NutrientsCure.me).

Another member of this WordPress Collaborative Team is Mark Jaquith of CoveredWebServices.com.

Mark Jaquith is a brilliant and heroic man. He is one of the top people in America, if not the World, in regard to WordPress and its underlying coding. And he is the first person that publicly supported me while using his name.

Some other heroic persons in San Francisco supported me a few weeks before Mark J in April 2012, but I do not know any of my other WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members by personal name, email address, phone number, or any other way.

The fact is that other than Allen Darman and Mark Jaquith, all of the rest of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team members have chosen thus far to remain anonymous (due to the personal risks involved in telling the Truth).

According to Allen… “Other than Mark J, I do not know who has been heroically helping me with WordPress since April 9, 2012. However, I strongly suspect that whoever they are, they are living in the San Francisco Bay Area, if not San Francisco proper.”

Despite some members of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team not knowing each other personally, we are helping each other over the Internet in an anonymous fashion in order to get a number (16+) of Socially Significant WordPress Websites Organized, Edited, and Completed.

Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is At War With Our Own United States Federal Government and with Many Other Federal Governments Worldwide.

We are also at war with Big Banking, Big Pharma (an Evil of Epic Proportions), Big Oil, Big Nuclear, Big Coal, Big Energy, Big Medicine, Big Farming, Big Food, Monsanto, the Illuminati (or whatever the heck they call themselves), Organized Religion, the Mafia (unless they switch sides), and with Many Other Powers that Be too.

There is perhaps not a single Power in the World outside of the Powers that Be on the Internet such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and those on The Internet that Recognize, Support, And Share The Truth that our WordPress Collaborative Team does not threaten in one way or another.

It is a case of the People against their Unjust Or Untruthful Oppressors, whomever and wherever they may be.

We Stand For Every Just Cause Worth Mentioning.

We Stand For Nature, and For This Beautiful Planet God Gave Us that Is Being Irreparably Damaged Due to Corruption, Stupidity, Power Hungry Madness, and Greed.

We Stand For the Truth.

Lastly, We Stand For Internet Freedom, for Without Internet Freedom there is No Freedom At All.

The Above was Written by Allen D with critical Expert WordPress Help from Mark J

And With–—>

Appreciated Editing and 24/7 Intuitive Help from—>  

the People Underlying WordPress

And With–—> the Google Company, the Facebook Company and the Twitter Company helping us 2. 

And With–—>

Heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 



Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—> 

Patriot Movement Revolution Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans & Humanity 


i am just a humble worker bee 4 god

My Relationship Status will soon be—> Wanted—> Smart Heterosexual Female or Bi Almost 60 year old Activist For Positive Social Change (or wants to be), 420 Single and Looking in the San Francisco Bay Area, if not San Francisco proper, as that is where I will be residing from March 3, 2014 onward.  I love this 420 friendly and loving city! That’s No Lie!

Will you come and visit me there?  It’s only $223 One Way from Albany NY to San Francisco via Amtrak, if you book in advance over the Internet (and their Website is a Good One And Fairly Easy To Use.

$223! That’s Cheap! Three Days from Albany and you are there! 72 hours or so.

The Colorado Rockies and the West in General are Both Really Pretty and Very Interesting To Watch Out of the Observation Car Windows and Glass Roof.

Budget about $100 per person for food purchased in the Snack Bar (or bring a lot of peanut butter and/or made up sandwiches, eat snacks you brought, water out of the sink, etc.), most of it burgers, hot dogs, snack food, coffees and sodas and such from the lounge, but perhaps for $100 per person You Would Get One (1) $25 to $30 dollar or so Steak Dinner for your C Note as well.


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A Silicon Valley BACKED Internet Woodstock! TRUTH ROADBLOCK HAS BEEN PLACED In The U.S Federal GOVERNMENT’s WAY! (3-4-2014)

Another Title 4 the Same Material—>

Free Sophisticated Management Software And The Truth Has Put A Google Venture Capital Funded Internet Woodstock TRUTH ROADBLOCK In The FedGOV’s Way

Free Sophisticated Management Software And The Truth Has Put A Google Venture Capital Funded Internet Woodstock TRUTH ROADBLOCK In The FedGOV’s Way (2-25-14)


A Third Title as well —>

Free Sophisticated Management Software And The Truth Has Put A Google Venture Capital Funded Internet Woodstock TRUTH ROADBLOCK In The U.S. Federal Government’s Way (3-4-2014)

Free Sophisticated Management Software And The Truth Has Put A Google Venture Capital Funded Internet Woodstock TRUTH ROADBLOCK In The FedGOV’s Way—>

Thank my heroic WordPress Collaborative Team, Google Corporate and WordPress and Facebook and Apple—>

And God Only Knows Who Else.

The 1st Internet Woodstock (to be held in the summer of 2014 i think – see MSGoogle on this) is a GO!

It is only a matter of a lot more work and a little more time.

How about a Cool Song?

“Seven Bridges Road”… By The Eagles >

This Eagles Song Is Dear 2 Me Because—>

I Have Had 2 Cross At Least Seven Bridges 2 Get to here!

(link to the list of bridges I have had to cross is coming within a week)


Below is a Picture of My son Willy Darman at about ten and a half years of age, after being on Ritalin for about four years for an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms that began at six years of age. 

At this point in his life Willy was not very happy, and he had both Compromised Mental and Physical Health.

Below is a Picture of My Son Willy taken in February 2008 when he was about seventeen and a half years old, and after he had been applying Nutritional and Natural Therapies >to himself< for about three and a half years. No More ADHD! No More Bipolar Disorder! and No More Weak and Sickly Childhood Health!

What My Son Willy Did Between August of 2004 and February of 2008 Exposed the Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine, if the Truth Ever Became Known!

Via their monitoring of the Internet in general, and their monitoring of my Internet Activity in particular, the U.S. Federal Government is Fully Aware of my son Willy’s Amazing ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story, but they choose to ignore it in favor of the status quo – drug oriented medicine. 

Willy’s Darman’s ADHD and Bipolar Recovery Story is Another Case of Alternative Medical Suppression by the U.S. Government, one of many over the years.

There is something really wrong with the United States Federal Government… a government that mandates ONLY the use of Pharmaceutical Drugs for all illnesses… even those that are clearly caused by broad essential nutrient deficiency due to one or more common (and correctable) malabsorptive causes.

Sadly, in repeatedly trying to share over the Internet what my son Willy and I learned in regard to how to cure ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia naturally with my Fellow Americans, as many attempts as there have been to kill me since January 2010 I am extremely lucky to still be alive (No Thanks to the U.S. Government, which will not intercede to help me in any way).

Conclusion to this Preface

All Patriotic Americans Need To Learn that Pharmaceutical Medicine is Bankrupting Both the Health and the Wealth of America.  

All Patriotic Americans Also Need to Learn that the U.S. Government is ultimately responsible for the above via the FDA mandate stating “ONLY A DRUG Can Diagnose, Prevent, Treat and/or Cure ALL Diseases”.

All Patriotic Americans Need to Learn that about eight months after my son Willy’s Original Recovery Story was widely disseminated on the Internet in June 2006, the FDA tried to push through a Guidance Document on short public notice that would have Labeled Every Single Nutritional Supplement on the open market “A DRUG”… to be Controlled by Medical Doctors… such that they were no longer available for sale to the general public. 

The Most Basic Human Right, One That Precedes All Others, Is THE RIGHT TO ACHIEVE HUMAN HEALTH Without Governmental Interference.  This Most Basic Human Right is Being Continually Violated by the United States Federal Government, simply To Enrich those persons whose pockets are lined by the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine.

Unless the United States Government Begins To Recognize By Law the Tremendous Therapeutic Power of Nutritional Supplements And Other Natural Measures to Heal, and Begins To Recognize By Law the American Public’s Free Rights of Access to Such instead of mandating pharmaceutical medicine as per Obamacare, a Justifiable Second Revolution in America appears to be “The American Public’s Only Choice”.

Allen D (with heroic help from his WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team)


Sophisticated Management Software And The Truth Has Put A Google Venture Capital Funded Internet Woodstock TRUTH Roadblock In The FedGOV’s Way (2-25-14)

some copy coming 2 be inserted here in early March 2014.

In Management, As “Things Change”, and “Time Progresses”, It Is Often A Must 2 Clean Out Your Desk and Start Over.

The Times they are a Changin’ – Bob Dylan (Fan Made Video)

In the Old Days prior to Computers and the Internet, You actually had to clean out your physical desk and/or file cabinet, to Start Over Management-wise as you tackled a New Project Or Endeavor.

These Days Things Are Different! for sure!

In Today’s MODERN Technological ERA of Sophisticated Management Software such as WordPress, all that you need “To Start Over Management-wise” is to Start Another WordPress Management iDESK (which means another WordPress Management Website).

What is nice about this, is Your Old iDesk (your old website) Remains Just As You Left It, for useful referral, and as a Back Up for Critical Files And Folders.

WordPress Makes It A Snap 2 Move Links 2 All Of Your Key Management Files from One iDesk 2 Another!

I am in the process of doing this now with my iDESKS.

I am intentionally leaving my 2 Old MAJOR WordPress Management iDESKS of WordPress Management By Allen D and 420 MGMT Reports Smoke, and moving to the Three (3) NEWER MAJOR WordPress MGMT iDESKS of iManage By Allen DWordPress 4 Management, and Allen D and his LESBIAN 420 SUB Smart Team. (I may even add more Major Management iDESKS 2 THIS LIST because I can juggle and could use five or so. My Five Fingers iDESKS! I Can’t Forget Them “because they are a finger”. Duh!)

I am Moving 2 More and Newer WordPress Management iDESKS because—>

I felt it was an Appropriate Time 2 Do So Due to Google taking a 51% Slice of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s 1st Internet Woodstock idea.

Bob Seger- Night Moves > Just a Song I like!

We hippies and gypsy’s and rainbow gathering folks sorely need to have a big get together, smoke some dope, play some music, have a little fun, and then—>

Have a real heavy and serious chat with each other about how we are going to deal with “our shared Federal Government Problem” here in the United States.

Hey, didn’t we hippies do the Above many years ago?

Oh Yeah, I remember now.

We had a helluva get together once.

They called it “Woodstock” and it was back in ’69, I think.

Something like 400,000 long haired, dope smoking, acid dropping Free Love hippies showed up and had the Party Of the Century!

So did many visionaries and revolutionaries show up at the Original Woodstock.

However, many of these Visionaries and Revolutionaries  did not find each other.

 400,000 people is quite a crowd.

If you got lost, you often stayed lost.

Remember, they did not have Smart Phones back then.

Not even cell phones of any sort.

Back in the ’60′s, if you wanted to make a phone call when you were away from home, you had to find a coin operated phone and put a dime in it.

There weren’t no pay phones out on that farmland Woodstock was held on… none that I remembered.  (Yes, I was there.)

If there were pay phones somewheres, Forget It!

The line to talk on one would have been a half a mile long.

In the Summer of ’69, Woodstock was the place to be, especially if you were a young adult Seeking Change and Seeking Answers in America.

Winds of Change Were In the Air in 1969, that’s for sure.

In part this was due to the Vietnam War and “the body count” that was broadcast on the news every night.

Many of us saw no sense in the Vietnam War, and few of us wanted to go.

As a male of eligible age, I did as many of my peers did—> I  Prayed for a High Draft Number from the lottery for soldiers “to be drafted” to go to war in Vietnam.

[Worthy to note: A few years after the above, due to the foolishness of youth, in Denver CO on one of my hitchhiking trips across the country, I joined the Army Voluntarily, despite a High Draft Number, which meant “I did not have to go”. What a Wake Up Call the Army was for me, despite the fact I ended up in Panama and never set foot in Vietnam. This is a story for another day.]

The growing restlessness of young people in America in the ’60′s was not only about the Vietnam War.

There was a restlessness in American Youth in the ’60′s that would take a book to describe its roots well. (I’m sure one or more good books have been written in this regard. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough “to name Titles” here.)

I’m getting bogged down on the details… it is time to move on…

For those of us 60+, and for anyone that Enjoys American History…

Let’s Remember the Good Old Days for a moment…

Here’s a Classic Song About the Old Woodstock—> a song that was made shortly afterwards, of course!—>

 CROSBY, STILLS, NASH Woodstock 1971


This WordPress Blog was professionally prepared by Allen D with critical help from a heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic WordPress Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our WordPress Blogs and WordPress Websites Often Receive–—>

Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well. 

WordPressWarriors defined—>

We Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—>

Patriot Movement Internet Educational Course Development—>

WordPress Website Revolutionaries! as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 


1) 16 EXECUTIVE/MANAGEMENT Websites AUTHORED On WordPress BY ADOGG aka Allen D, NutrientsCURE, THE BOSS, Allen Darman, HEY U Dummy!, SmokeMASTERAllenD, HumbleD AND 420HumbleD, DEPENDING (2-27-14)

2) YouTube And WordPress Meld Well Together To Create Great Song Blog Playlists! (3-3-2014)

3) SIXTY NINE (69) PATRIOT REVOLUTION Or Related WEBSITES That 4 Heroic WordPress Website Developers Have Created 4 America And The World And You



A Notable Quote

While Obama Played Golf, I just got done in Defining In WordPress An Easy And Practical Way 4 EVERY CEO in America and Worldwide to have five fully Functional Internet Management DESKS, or ten DESKS, or even twenty DESKS or more. While Obama put on the Hollywood Act with No Substance Behind It, I improved the potential efficiency of every single high level management person in America.ADOGG aka Allen D

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    In Management, As “Things Change”, and “Time Progresses”, it is Often Very Helpful, if not a Must Sometimes, to Clean Out Your Desk and Start Over.

    In the Old Days prior to Computers and the Internet, You actually had to clean out your physical desk and/or file cabinet, to Start Over Management-wise as you tackled a New Project Or Endeavor.

    These Days Things Are Different! for sure!

    In Today’s MODERN Technological ERA of Sophisticated Management Software such as WordPress, all that you need “To Start Over Management-wise” is to Start Another WordPress Management iDESK (WordPress Management Website).

    What is nice about this, is Your Old Desk Remains Just As You Left It, for useful referral.

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Easter Is 420 This Year!!!

Easter Is 420 This Year!!!



Sunday, April 20

Easter Sunday 2014


Puff Puff Pass!

I ain’t waiting to get high until then!

(((a big hug to my whole team))) – I know its not easy at times what we are all going through – but hang on —>

Significant Help of one sort or another is sure to come at some point (((I think)))

One house 4 WordPress Activists in our shoes such that we can live and work together in the same place…

That’s what we need the most.


Supportive Housing Anywhere in the Utica – Boonville NY Area or in San Francisco CA or the SF Bay Area would greatly help me.

It’s who I am WITH that counts.

Where does not matter really.

San Francisco sure is Nice!

I love that town!

i sure wish i was there

incidentally, a little after st. patrick’s day there are some cheap amtrak tickets.

i am thinking of buying one.

not sure yet though.

i am sure going to think this one out.

[I bought an Amtrak Ticket from leaving from Utica NY on March 18th for arrival at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF on the 20th or 21st?.]

Allen D


It Is A Little After 5 PM And I Am Going 2 Bed

Puff Puff Pass!
Nite Nite

Odds and Ends For My July Revolution Friends


Yeah, I pulled another all nighter last night.

There is just so much blog work to do.

And I aren’t even done any videos yet!

I’m gonna delay my train ride 4 a bit—>

Unless the calvary comes of course!


to get together somewheres…


And Move Forward from there.

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