The U.S. Government Would Not Stand A Chance Of Remaining In Power If The 1st Internet Woodstock Is Held (3-7-2014)


Although few in America may be Aware of the Extent of It Or The Nearness of Massive Change, the Internet Is GOING 2 CHANGE Almost Everything, as far as much human activity goes.

The Fact that Google has become Aware of, and is Apparently Supportive Of, Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Efforts To Uncover Longstanding Federal Government Suppression of Truth on Multiple Fronts—>

And the Fact that GOOGLE IS APPARENTLY GOING TO Take a 51% Stake In And SUPPORT OUR WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s “Truth Suppression Revealing” Internet Woodstock Idea (or here)—>

Represents “History In The Making”.

Let’s Hope the Smart People in Silicon Valley and Elsewhere Are “Smart Enough” 2 Win this War 4 the Truth 2 Finally Reach the Light of Day!, especially in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression and the Suppression of Truth in Regard to 9/11.

Assuming Google and Silicon Valley does put on a “Truth Suppression Revealing” Internet Woodstock Concert Event in America (which really means Worldwide given the Power of the Internet), and—>

And assuming Silicon Valley Plans and Implements Actions Wisely, and—>

Further assuming that the U.S. Government Does Not Shut Down the Free and Open Internet prior to, or soon after, the 1st Internet Woodstock occurring, the U.S. Government Would NOT BE Very Likely to Remain in Power.

IMHO, The U.S. Government would not Stand A Chance of remaining in Power if the 1st Internet Woodstock is held.

IMHO, Google and the Rest of Silicon Valley would be taking over the Management of America within a matter of months of the 1st Internet Woodstock is held.

Handled Right, this could conceivably be a bloodless Revolution, one that occurs “without firing a single shot”.

The Above is Especially True If I am there, and—>

If I can get Silicon Valley and the American Mafia to sit down with each other well prior to the 1st Internet Woodstock, such that we have time “to work thinks out”.

My Own Personal and True Story of Alternative Medical Suppression In Regard to My Finding A REAL NATURAL Cure for Depression, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and a Wide Range of Addictions, Etc. ALONE has the Power to Topple the United States Government (and “they know it”).

If the 1st Internet Woodstock outsmarts Government Subterfuge and Is Successfully Put On, Many Governments Worldwide “Would Soon Fall 2 One Truth or Another” (or Many of Them in Combination perhaps).

Although Many Very Powerful Persons, Corporations and Governments (to include the U.S. Government) Would Like 2 Continue 2 Suppress A Number Of Important Discoveries in (1) the Alternative Medicine and (2) Energy Invention Arenas, and Some of these Powerful Persons Would Also Like To (3) Suppress 9/11 Truth as well, my money is on—>

The Smart People in the Upper Echelon of Silicon Valley Management to “Win this War 4 the Truth” on All Three Fronts specified in the Above.

The Future of America (and therefore the World) Rests on Silicon Valley’s Shoulders.

Second to Silicon Valley is the American Mafia in the Above Regards.

The Two of these Parties sure ought to Get Together this April to see “if they can work things out between them” for the Betterment of America. 

That Is The Plain and Simple Truth.

Silicon Valley in Aggregate Represents One Of the Most Powerful Institutions on Earth.

Quite arguably, Silicon Valley in Aggregate Represents “The Most Powerful Institution” on Earth.

However, Sometimes even a Powerful Institution  like Silicon Valley “needs a little help”.

My hardworking WordPress Collaborative Team Pledges to Help Google and WordPress and Others in Silicon Valley with this 1st Internet Woodstock Venture as best as we can Until—>

Opening Day or Opening Night!

After this, we might Party 2 Much and—>

May need 2 Take a Little Break.

Allen D



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